Best MEP Contractors in UAE

The Managing Director and Owner of Durable Works, Mr. Preet Mohinder Singh has been in the MEP industry for the past 30 years. During a span of 30 years, he has overlooked many high-profile commercial/ residential building projects, warehouses, villas, and palaces. We are one of the Best MEP Contractors in UAE

In 2006, he saw a shortage of skilled MEP companies in Abu Dhabi and therefore he took it upon himself to build one of the best Mechanical Electrical, and Plumbing company in UAE. Since then, Durable Works has been known in the industry for it's quality work.  

As Durable Works became bigger it diversified it's operations and in 2015 opened an Interior Fit-Out company under the same name. This helped Durable Works grasp a good hold over the market as it started doing turn-key projects for restaurants, malls, and offices  

Fast-forward to the present day, Durable Works has been able to withstand the highs and lows of the market and at the same time maintain its reputation of providing quality service.  

Electromechanical Companies In Abu Dhabi

Durable Works is one of the most reliable and customer-oriented Electromechanical companies in Abu Dhabi. Our mission is to make your space a comfortable and luxurious one by providing quality electromechanical services in Abu Dhabi. With the help of our specialized team, we strive on transforming your empty space by using our expertise in areas such as HVAC ducting works for buildings, Electrical, Plumbing, Interior Designing, and many more. The rest is for you to decide whether we really are the best electromechanical and HVAC Company In UAE and Interior décor companies in UAE.

HVAC ducting works for buildings:

HVAC ducting is essential for any building. It allows heat, air, and other gases to travel throughout the building. HVAC ducting works for buildings used for all kinds of functions. It is important to use quality HVAC ducting, especially in commercial buildings because it protects the building's occupants from unnecessary airborne pollutants.

It also helps with energy efficiency. whether it's a home, office, or store. Without HVAC ducting, air cannot be distributed through a building, and rooms and areas will not be properly heated and cooled. Ducting is essential because of its role in making sure that rooms and areas are heated and cooled properly.

Air Conditioning Works (Mechanical):

We do everything related to HVAC. Most of it is mentioned below:

  • HVAC Designing 

  • HVAC Ducting Works

  • supply, installation of machines and ducting for high rise towers, buildings, villas, offices and shed structure 

  • Package units 

  • DX systems 

  • Control Circuit units for server rooms,  

  • VRF type units installation,  

  • Dehumidifiers  

  • Ductwork, ducting works and ventilation works of all type. 

  • Chilled water piping- designing and installation 

  • Refrigeration and plants- Cold rooms, freezers and cold stores

Electrical & Fire Alarms Works: 

We do all the works related to electrical and fire alarm systems as mentioned below. 

  • All electrical works for power, lighting, L.V. switchgear installation,  

  • Data structure cabling,  

  • Building management & automation,  

  • generator & cable support,  

  • bus bar riser installation,  

  • Fire alarm system,  

  • Video- intercom 

Plumbing works: 

All types of sanitary works, water supply, and drainage works related to buildings, factories, warehouses, clubs, etc. 

We also do stormwater drainage, central filtration and central heating system.  

When it comes to any works related to the electromechanical field we do it and hence we are the leading electromechanical companies in UAE Abu Dhabi

HVAC contractors Abu Dhabi 

HVAC contractors Abu Dhabi are needed for all kinds of heating and air conditioning jobs. The HVAC installation is one of the most important parts of the installation, maintenance, and repair of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in buildings any building, and offices which is why it’s so important to get the best HVAC installation possible.

Best HVAC company in UAE

When it comes to HVAC requirements, there is no other company that can match our expertise and experience. We are one of the best HVAC Company in UAE We specialize in installing, repairing, and servicing all brands of air conditioners, heaters, generators, boilers, ventilation units, and accessories; Our experts are very professional and they have enough skills to solve any kind of issues regarding ac. When it comes to temperature and comfort, we're the best HVAC company in UAE. Our technicians will do an assessment on your home and your system and let you know what repairs and improvements that we recommend for your house or office. So don’t waste your time thinking about the issue because we are here for you!